Don't let your car become a clone's getaway vehicle! Meet ForgetMeNot – your pocket-sized device against daily chaos! Slip this sleek pouch into your pocket and let it shield your electronic (car) keys and card information with a built-in Faraday cage. Plus, a GPS tracker inside means no more frantic searches – track and find your essentials effortlessly. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a hassle-free day!!

"Unique, Safe, Durable & 100% personalizable"

Recognizing the importance of protecting your electronic car keys and credit cards from hacking and theft, we share your concern! Our goal is to offer you a hassle-free and personalized experience in effectively managing your keys and wallet. Explore our wallet editor and create your own design!

"Never Lose Your Keys: Introducing Our Tracking App"

Unveiling our groundbreaking compatible ForgetMeNot app. Integrating signal-blocking tech to deter information theft and a GPS tracker for seamless retrieval, our application guarantees the safety of your essentials. Our App tells you the exact location of your ForgetMeNot Wallet,                      Anytime, Anywhere!


How Do I Purchase?

We love this question! Simply click this button that takes you right to the webshop!

What Can I Store In The ForgetMeNot?

Whatever you want! Our ForgetMeNot not only fits car keys, but also bank cards and normal keys. The possibilities are endless!

Is The ForgetMeNot App Compatible With My Device?

Our ForgetMeNot App is available for Apple and Android devices! Simply go to the App store or Play store and download our app completely free of charge. After downloading, you can fill in the code you received upon the ForgetMeNot wallet purchase and you are good to go! 

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